From TV Tray to End Table?

When we were planning for our wedding and deciding on color schemes, I fell in love with the color Mint blue/ tiffany blue and it looks like I am still in love with this color.

If you personally know me I am sure it didn’t take you long to figure out my love for Mint blue. In my opinion there is something pure and elegant about it.

      I want mint at work and at home! Lots and lots of mint coordinated with coral, a hint of yellow and gray. But I have also come to realize that the beautiful mint items I want either for my classroom or my home cost a lot of money so I resorted to spray Paint. I love how spray paint is so easy to use and works wonders. Over the past year I have sprayed too many things to list here but for now I will highlight the makeover I gave some old items in my home. Among the first items that I spray painted is this old TV tray my husband had for several years. I started by lightly brushing the tray with sand paper and wiped off the dust. Once that was done I primed it with Painter’s touch Rust-oleum primer. The Primer took about 15 minutes to dry and it was finally time for the fun part- Spray Paint! Seeing the old TV tray transform in to a mint/turquoise side table was an awesome feeling. The tray was now mint and also looked brand new. This is a fun, easy and low-cost project. You can find these trays at garage sales or thrift stores and upcycle them yourself. You want to make sure you are in a ventilated area and wear gloves when you do this project.


There will definitely be a separate post about upcycling furniture but for now here is one of the sterilite drawers I upcycled.






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