My First Blog Post

cropped-pict1.jpgThank you for visiting Raheldesigns. This blog is for anyone who admires elegant but inexpensively decorated homes and work spaces.

You may probably watch numerous HGTV episodes and feel that you just don’t have the time and resources to achieve what you admire. Well, I know how you feel because I was in the same situation. I have always loved unique designs that represent me and what I believe in but didn’t know how to go about it or felt restricted due to various reasons and concerns.

About a year ago, I toured some model homes that inspired me to channel the resources I have to my home decor passion. I started a clutter free, functional and stylish design journey. Thrift stores, dollar tree(yes! even dollar tree), yard sales, model homes were the focal points of my quest to strategize my steps going forward. Along the way I was able to work on projects that I was quite proud of. Most important I was having so much fun seeing how my projects turned out that I decided to write this blog to document my journey and share experiences with others.

In this blog I will be rambling about my home décor experiences, DIY projects, recipes and my natural hair journey as well. 






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